Frequently Asked Questions

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When did Foresight Housing Group begin its operations?

FHG, formerly Kitchen Direct Ltd was incorporated in July 2007. It began operations in October 2007.

Do you deal with homeowners only?

All our products are tailored to developers or stakeholders of the following property types;

  1. Residential single units (Homeowners)
  2. Residential multi -unit properties
  3. Commercial properties i.e. offices and shops
  4. Hotels and Restaurants
  5. Institutions e.g. Schools, Hospitals
What is the range of projects you have been involved in?

The range of projects have been diverse from complete home renovations, Fitting of Kitchens and Wardrobes, Office fit-outs, Shop fit-outs, bakery fit-outs, Medical office fit-outs, Hotel room refurbishment among others.

How do you price your products?

We price our products based on the measurements calculated from the design and on the material that the client wants.

Do you have ready-made kitchens and other products?

No, we customize all our products.

Where is your showroom located?

Our showroom and offices are located along Ngong Road, past Jamuhuri Park near Ngong Racecourse.

What is the procedure if I walk in to your offices and I want a kitchen, wardrobe or any other cabinetry?

A client fills a client details form where he/she gives us his/her contact details and also a map/directions to the house. Our sales consultant then comes over to your house at your convenience and takes measurements.
Then a file is opened and given a job number. It is then assigned to a designer who designs and quotes and emails it to the client within a maximum of 7 working days.
A hardcopy of the design and quote can also be delivered to the client by the sales consultant, if a client requests for one or in cases where the client did not give us his/her email address

Why should I pay design fee?

Due to the process that is involved from taking measurements stage to the delivery of the design and quote, and the resources and time used, design fee is paid as a show of commitment by the client to show their seriousness and value to the design.

How do you come up with the design of my cabinetry?

We have a dedicated design department from both interior design and architectural backgrounds. They work with advanced software for 3-D representation including Archicad, Autocad, Artlantis, Sketchup, Articad, 3D Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw and others.

What if I do not like the initial design that you send me?

Our marketers always call the clients 1-2 days after sending the quote so as to schedule for a design consultation. This is whereby the client sits with the designer and the necessary changes are made to the design.
Alternatively, all our quotations have the contact details of all the people involved in that job and hence a client can get in touch with any of them and request for a meeting.

What is the delivery time for your products?

Delivery time of our products is dependent on the material chosen for the cabinetry and it is automatically generated by the order form.

Do you serve the Kenyan market only?

We are able to undertake projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi and Somalia.